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April 5, 2018

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You guys it's HERE, the most exciting time of the year! Breeding season is upon us! We decided to take a gap year for the 2018 foaling season so we anxiously await our 2019 foals! Now, sadly I don't have any cute foal pictures to entice you with, so this adorable video will have to do for now.


I mean really, is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! What is it with foal muzzles that just makes them so squishy?! I find it equally stressful and exciting to begin the selection process of picking stallions for our mares. I feel like every breeder has their own process, a formula if you will.  For my dad and I, we take a close look at our mare in question.  What do we love? What do we want to improve? Do we take a risk and use an unknown stallion? Do we stick with the tried and true bloodlines?  Can you have both rideability AND a spectacular mover with a big engine? In an ideal world OF COURSE!  This year we're attempting to breed 3 mares.  Our Oldenburg Abanosa (Alabaster/Rubinstein I/Donnerhall), our Anglo-Arabian Marietta Bey (Mariachi WA x BP Lyrica Bey) and our purebred Arabian JD Ella Enchanted (Fable BHF x BA Psyche Nadia).


When it comes to choosing stallions, the options are endless. It's like a buffet of anything you've ever dreamed of having in a horse, all at your fingertips! 


Let me show you a glimmer of Baby Daddy 2018 . . .


Oops. Wrong photo gallery.  But if you had to choose? I think I'm #TeamHardy all the way.  As if his hotness wasn't enough, he adores dogs . . . be still my heart. #TeamHardy. I mean really, we have all the boxes checked:

Sexy AF




Rescues Dogs


All that aside, I cannot resist sharing with you one of our decisions for breeding this year!  It was SUPER hard.  When I say super hard I mean S U P E R hard.  I was head over heels in love with a Stallion out of Helgstrand's named Quarterhit.  He had some serious X FACTOR going on for me personally.  I liked a lot of things about him and I would have loved some splashy chrome which he seems to throw so far!  After much deliberation though we really felt there was a better match for Abby in the stallion "Secret" by Sezuan.  See what you think below!


Quaterhit has 3 paces out of the ordinary, also the exterior and charisma is in top. Quaterhit is out of a very interesting damline. The mother Poetin III is a full sister to the famous Poetin who won the world championships for 5-year old horses in 2003, she was also a double winner of the german Bundeschampionat, and was later sold at auction for record price 2,5 million Euro.

In 2017, Quaterhit achieved a total score of 884 points at the DWB's 35-day performance test with a 9 in trot, canter, rideability and capacity.

Quaterhit is out of a very interesting mare line, where the mother Poetin III is full sister of the well-known Poetin, who won the 2003 WCYH for 5yo's.

Quaterhit is approved in OLD, DSP and DWB.



Secret is a son of triple World Champion of Young Dressage Horses, Sezuan.  Sezuan was also a champion at five, six and seven years old. During these competitions, he received scores of 9.5 and 10.0.  Sezuan was champion of his stallion test and receiived the high score of 10.0 ten times, a new record. From Sezuan's first crops Secret and Sam in Berlin have been licensed.

Secret's damline has produced a number of international performance horses such as Liebenberg and Top Gun, successful in Italy. Thirty eight approved stallions descend from this damline, including Aktuell, Christ, Sorento, Weltruf and Wildfang. Dam, Seline, is sired by St. Moritz, who in a short breeding career has sired many important sport and breeding successors. The third dam is sired by Rotspon and includes Argentan, Woermann and Lugano in her pedigree. Other standouts from this line include Lorwoods Dancing Diamond. 

In 2017 Secret did especially well in the qualifier and the finals for 3-year-old stallions at the Bundeschampion in Warendorf.  He placed first in the Qualifier with a 9.00 and second in the Finals with a 9 for trot, walk and training, a 10 for canter, and 8.50 for confirmation.  The test rider awarded a 17 giving Secret a 62.50 overall.

There is much potential for Secret as a breeding stallion.



Needless to say we are VERY hopeful Abby checks into foal.  As with anything horses, sometimes last minute decisions have to be made but our fingers and toes are crossed for the exciting and what should be spectacular foal! 


I promise to keep you in the loop regarding the outcome . . . or should I say "Secret" ; )






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