Clipping gone wrong. Very wrong.

November 23, 2017

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Wow! My first blog post EVER. I'm sure I'll look back on this and cringe in a few months but isn't that what life's about? Learning from our trials and tribulations?  Like full body clipping a giant 4yo warmblood gelding for the first time 4 days before a major clinic? If you asked Andrea Trudeau and I that before we did it, we both would have agreed it was a great idea!  (Enter foreboding narrator voice) This was in fact NOT a great idea.

By the way, Figgy is 4. Not rising 4. Not even rising 5.  He's 4.  He's been on this earth for 4 years.  Can we all agree that describing a horse as "rising"  is just ridiculous.  It's like parents who say their child is 84 months old. We get it.  Please excuse me while I slit my wrists and bleed out on a 20m long and low circle.


Ok, back to the story at hand. Autumn had quickly swept in. It's November. Andrea and I both agreed Figgy was getting way to sweaty during his workouts.  I knew exactly who to call. Ashley Namur has done my horses in the past and she's always been excellent. We considered a partial clip but like I tell my esthetician: "It all has to go!"


For the next 2.5 hours we complete what can only be described as a work of art. Figgys coat is dark and glossy.  The blades run smoothly over his entire body leaving no lines at all. Ashley Namur fulfills our request to custom clip a crown into his hindquarters.  It turns out perfectly!  It's almost as if the gods are smiling down upon us.  That being said, the ground at end of the session looked like a scene from a Jackson Pollock painting,

 but that's neither here nor there.  We were content. Figgy was clipped.  All was right in our world.

 This is where shit gets real.  That piece of humble pie came swift and strong. Our angel Figgy went from a sweet and gentle soul who never says no to anything, to a 17.2hh FERAL ANIMAL.  He went ROGUE.

We will never question his athleticism again. Clipping unleashed what can only be described as a winning try out at the Calgary Stampede.  I'm talking the kinda ride that gets you free drinks at Ranchman's ALL NIGHT LONG. Needless to say, we were distraught.  The next day Figgy is supposed to be strutting his fabulous self with Michael Eilberg and now we're not even sure if Andrea will stay in the tack!


So, after many conversations and a few tears (I mean really, whats young horses without a little blood, sweat and tears?!) we quickly devise a plan to make this clinic happen.  There are too many people to thank, but it took a large village I'll tell you that much!  As many of you may well know, when it comes to young horses there's a need for a plan A, B, C and even D.  We had all of those and then some covered!


In the end, Andrea rode him beautifully.  Michael gave us some great insight into the workings and mechanics of a young horse.  Figgy kept his recent alter ego under wraps and we managed to leave feeling better then when we arrived.  That's what it's about right? Progress, not perfection.  From what little insight I have for you it's just that.  Strive everyday to move forward.  When things go wrong, try again the next day.  OH! And most importantly, always have a nice Cab Sav on standby xo 



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