• Meaghan Calnan

JE SUIS FINI KA: Congrats to Byron & Debi Donics

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

As shared by Maegan Friesen of Wunderbar Arabians: "Another sad yet exciting announcement! We would like to Congratulate Byron and Debi Donics on the purchase of one of the best minded babies (3 years old!) I have ever worked with. We couldn’t be happier with his new home and your excitement over him is infectious! Thank you for coming out and allowing me to take a couple pictures of you and your new boy! ​ Congratulations to the Kingburne Farm/Calnan Family on this sale, and consistently breeding such high quality foals, I am so happy you have allowed me to be a part of his journey. I know Debi and Byron are happy to have you guys continue to be part of his life. Last but not least thank you to Culbreth Equine, it was great to work with both Michelle and Bella! Can’t wait to see Bella and Debi in the ring with him!"

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